Sorry we’ve not been here for ages.

After an audacious and foolhardy claim that we’d be posting bimonthly on Sundays, we’ve managed a heroic one film review and then gone quiet. Maybe you think we’ve spent all that time since then working on an enormous and spectacularly intricate blog post, blowing everyone away and excusing the long hiatus.

No we haven’t. We’ve been doing other things instead. Here’s what we’ve been doing:

Chris has been gardening.

Jake has been slowly chewing a very tough steak.

Danny has been thinking about his legs.

Anoosheh has been in a mine.

Sam has been talking to a friend.

Sorry again for not posting in a while. Please entertain yourselves by re-reading our huge archive, which is several pages long. Once we’ve completed our activities we’ll be back on here producing content, albeit irregularly. From next year onwards we’ll be more productive, as we’ll all be unemployed until we’re 35.

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