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Luther? More like, err, erm, I got nothing

God I love TV, I like it more than any of my own family or friends. Bloody hell I like it more than I like myself. I don’t give a fuck about the Israel-Palestine conflict, but I do care when Mad Men series 5 is going to air… Gaddafi can do what he likes as long as he doesn’t interfere with Boardwalk Empire’s production… and by all means increase tuition fees as long as it doesn’t mess with Doctor Who’s scheduling.

Like most people I favour the big-budget American shows, be they HBO or HBO-esque ones. It’s just an empirical fact that they’re better – better production, better direction, better writing, just plain better. My most recent fix was Game of Thrones, a show that combined my two passions of involving drama and unnecessarily naked women. However with that gone, and with most of the truly good shows not returning until autumn, I found myself at something of a loss. As such I turned my attention to what old Blighty had to offer in the quality drama stakes. What I discovered was Luther, one of the BBC’s most popular and high profile shows of recent months, which last Tuesday concluded its second series.

The show centres around the character of John Luther, played by The Wire’s Idris Elba, an intelligent, tough, morally unbending detective, as he hunts only the most grizzly and gratuitious of serial killers. He’s a good man in a bad world who goes outside the law to keep the law or something like that. I should establish at this point that Luther, as in the show itself, is really bad, it’s almost so bad it’s good, but it’s actually so bad it’s bad.

Luther taking a well earned rest

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The Golden Compass? More like The Golden Shower!-Yeh I’m losing it…

Yeah I realise this movie came out three years ago but I’m the type to hold a grudge – perhaps this article will provide some closure on the matter, we’ll see. Oh and there’s probably gonna be a shitload of spoilers about the book so stop reading this and start reading that if you haven’t already.

Talking Polar Bear

OK so the “His Dark Materials” trilogy by Philip Pullman is probably the best set of fantasy books ever written. They trump “The Lord of the Rings” by not having endless pages of songs about elves, and “Harry Potter” by having a central character that does actually have a character. They’re full of ideas, compelling characters, intricate plotting and talking polar bears for crying out loud – what more could you possibly want? A decent film adaptation? Yeah, me too. Continue reading

I’ve never seen ‘Mad Men’ so I ain’t even mad, man.

Unless you’ve been spending the last few days with your fingers in your ears singing “LALALALA I CAN’T HEAR YOU” to yourself loudly whilst blindfolded and also in a cupboard, and that cupboard is on Mars, then you will have seen an especially sickwanz article on Mad Men by our very own Bunk. Assuming you’ve seen this and were not seized with fits of apoplectic rage and consequently incapacitated and/or so seethingly angry that you became literally blind with fury, or conversely were struck dumb and senseless by the sheer beauty of it, then you would have seen D-Mo’s hilariously titled rebuttal.

I have never seen Mad Men, and as a consequence, both articles, though beautifully written, very witty, and a joy to read, mean very little to me.

(Fig. 1, The Fresh Prince depicting a state of indifference)

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